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  1. Astro Engineering AC414n 1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam Pro SPC900NC)  (14k)  -  ..1.25" nosepiece to webcam lens thread (toucam pro spc900nc) Binoculars, telescopes and accessories, for birdwatching and.. ..but no other webcam nosepiece has the anti-reflection baffling used on all the AE models. Simply.. ..1.25 nosepiece to webcam lens thread (ToUcam Pro SPC900NC) £ 19 including UK P&.. - ndex0

  2. webcam - Active Astronomy  (42k)  -  ..nosepiece to the webcam and pop it in your telescope where the eyepiece would go. You.. use a webcam. The CCD variety, such.. ..Webcam Imaging Introduction If you want to capture images of the moon, planets or sunspot groups,.. - ndex0

  3. Webcam Mosaics of the Moon  (13k)  - use a webcam. It was a good machine in its day, but now it just.. sequences. Lunar Webcam Mosaics at.. a dedicated webcam computer with sufficient hard drive capacity to image the entire full Moon.. - ndex0

  4. Web Cam Adapter  (11k)  -  ..Webcam Adapter *** *** Find out more *** *** NEW - I found a source for.. ..Webcam Rotating Mars Image by Tom Matheson*** To find out about Webcams and how to use them for.. ..large variation in WebCam designs. You will need to select the.. - ndex0

  5. Astrophotography: Webcam modifications  (75k)  - modifications skip to main | skip to sidebar Astrophotography Amateur deep space astrophotography Home Galleries.. ..Planetary Image Processing Webcam modifications.. you need? Webcam modification Recommended Software Basic Technics Calibration and combination Image postprocessing Lightbox construction.. - ndex0

  6. Universal WebCam Adapter History  (3k)  -  ..of a universal WebCam adapter came from Sylvain Weiller on the.. adapter history Universal WebCam Adapter History Go to the Mogg Adapter Web Store for your.. checkout various webcams. But as you gain experience and struggle to get better pictures.. - ndex0

  7. Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography, Imaging the Universe with the Amazing, Affordable Webcam  (21k)  -  ..challenging, and fulfilling. Webcams are capable of producing beautiful astrophotos that create a lasting record of.. results. Each webcam video imaging session produces a single unique image. There are no film.. ..image download times. Webcams provide real-time feedback. Focus and exposure are adjusted on the fly.. - ndex0

  8. 3D & Virtual reality - Telescopes UK: Telescopes & Telescope Accessories in your only London  (35k)  -  ..Webcam Beam Splitters Slide Bars Viewers Glasses Shutter Glasses Voice Recognition Software Our recomendations Our services.. ..iWear Minoru 3D Webcam Beam Splitters Slide Bars Viewers Glasses .. ..Microscopes Minoru 3D Webcam Monoculars Mounting Solutions Mounts & Tripods Nearly New and Clearance.. - ndex0

  9. Guiding solutions - Focused Astronomy Ltd  (25k)  -  ..Miniguider with autoguider webcam focuser,tube rings,multi purpose base   The Altair MiniGuider System is based on.. ..for Autoguiders and Webcams , finder rings, universal bracket and stalk.   The autoguider focuser is.. ..your autoguider or webcam, having to use a separate.. - ndex0

  10. Philips Webcam Adapter  (6k)  -  ..shows the SPC900NC webcam lens housing after removal of the glass lens. I located several scraps.. ..and a commercial webcam adapter can be found at First Look at the Philips SPC900NC Webcam . The basic idea.. ..barrel to the webcam or purchasing a commercial adapter (typically $20-$50). I constructed a homemade adapter.. - ndex0

  11. LxGuideStar - Long exposure webcam autoguiding  (5k)  -  ..long exposure modified webcam. You can autoguide on.. ..- long exposure webcam autoguiding arnholm g - LxGuideStar Long exposure webcam autoguiding LxGuideStar is freeware. With LxGuideStar.. SC3 BW webcam. Parallel(LPT) or serial (COM) ports are supported for webcam long exposure control... - ndex0

  12. Astro Engineering AC412 Super-lite eyepiece projection coupler for webcams  (12k)  -  ..projection coupler for webcams Binoculars, telescopes and accessories, for birdwatching and astronomy. The web's sharpest deals!.. coupling the webcam directly to eyepieces. (picture shows positional range of Philips camera fitted to.. ..projection coupler for webcams £ 22 including UK P& P Price including UK P&P: £.. - ndex0

  13. Astro-Snap Pro for Windows 7 - Can take astronomical pictures with a webcam - Windows 7  (45k)  - It can also replay captured bitmap sequences as a video, and do light post processing.. with a webcam. It can also.. with a webcam - windows 7 download Tell-a-friend | Contact | Link To Us Astro-Snap.. - ndex0

  14. yesyes DIY and astro : Philips SPC900 webcam LX and AmpOff mod  (12k)  - can take L ong e X posures of several seconds controlled by a computer via.. ..DIY Philips SPC900 webcam LX.. ..: philips spc900 webcam lx and ampoff mod yesyes DIY and astro Home DIY How-Tos Astro.. - ndex0

  15. Webcam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (161k)  -  ..Webcams Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. You.. some built-in webcams can be remotely activated via spyware . Contents 1 History 1.1 Early.. ..recording social videos. Webcams are known for their low manufacturing cost and flexibility, [ 1 ].. - ndex0

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