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  1. Recommended Astronomy Books and Products  (41k)  -  ..all of the Messier objects. Details for each object include a thoroughly researched history of its.. ..Atlas of the Messier Objects Highlights of the Deep Sky by Ronald Stoyan,.. ..reference on the Messier objects there has ever been, and one that no observer should be.. - ndex1

  2. NED data for the Messier Objects  (200k)  - on extragalactic objects, thus only the Messier Galaxies ... for the messier objects NED data for the Messier Objects These data were downloaded from the.. ..(Jun 18, 2001) Object Names Type Object Names Type MESSIER 005 !*Cl NGC 5904 !*Cl Reference.. - ndex1

  3. Observing Tips  (55k)  - do the Messier objects, make them your observing buddies and do the Messier List together. Many advantages exist in.. using the Messier Objects to help teach yourself the sky. (If you are not an.. ..for observing the Messier Objects. It is assumed that you'll be.. - ndex0

  4. Comet Hunting & Observing: My List of Comet Masqueraders  (93k)  -  ..region. Like Charles Messier, I have compiled a list of these deep sky objects which is often mistaken by the.. ..Messier made his own list of these deep-sky objects which he stumbled upon during his comet.. “ The Messier Objects” . The deep-sky objects, especially fuzzy objects that look like a faint comet.. - ndex0

  5. Jim' s Cosmos Astronomy, Star charts, Deep Sky Observing  (32k)  -  ..finder charts for objects (e Messier 45 ) and constellations (e Orion.. ..Messier Objects Caldwell Objects Public Outreach Media Astronomy Software packages Recommended Podcasts Recommended Books Astronomical Music.. ..charts Monthly List Objects by Constellation Messier Marathon Planetary Nebulae SynScan alignment stars Catalogues Messier List Caldwell List Herschel 400 Objects by Type Deep Sky Objects Near Stars Search Catalogue Data Credits.. - ndex0

  6. No Title  (71k)  -  ..18th century - Messier's aim was to catalog the objects that were often mistaken for comets... ..Map Pro The Messier Catalog OBJECT NGC# CON TYPE RA DEC MAG SIZE DIST M001 1952.. ..and most beautiful objects in the night sky. The catalog, as it exists today, contains objects discovered by Charles Messier and Pierre Mchain. One of the.. - ndex0

  7. – Find Deep Sky Objects NGC 6709 Charts, Maps, and DSS Images  (123k)  -  ..Star Charts for Messier Marathon, Locate Caldwell Objects, Meteor Showers, Interactive Whiteboard Star Charts How to.. ..Guides by P. Messier Renaix Home Messier Object Deep Sky Maps, Find.. ..Messier Relay Sequence About Project DeepSkyMap Find Deep Sky Objects NGC 6709 Charts, Maps, and DSS.. - ndex0

  8. Messier Catalog of Deep Sky Objects - Messier Objects on Sea and Sky  (26k)  -  ..Messier objects, is one of the most useful tools in the astronomy hobby. In the middle.. as the Messier Catalog, or Messier Album. The deep sky objects in this catalog are commonly referred.. ..Frequently Asked Questions Messier Catalog of Deep Sky Objects Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events Astronomy Meetings.. - ndex0

  9. Messier Objects  (116k)  -  ..messier objects Observatory Messier Objects Home | Downloads | Tips and Tricks | My Equipment |.. ..are all interesting objects in their own right. Messier Object Common Names Type of .. ..astronomers in 1054. Messier undertook a search for such 'comet-like' objects, and.. - ndex0

  10. Messier Objects | The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada  (47k)  - about each Messier object and a generous area for making notes and drawings. Resources Here.. ..certificate. Exploring the Messier Catalogue is an excellent observing project as it contains many showpiece objects. Moreover it allows.. ..overview of the Messier Catalogue: Messier Objects Number Notes Open Clusters 28 Includes many beautiful.. - ndex0

  11. The Ultimate Messier Object Log  (17k)  -  ..Messier objects and looking for a little more? Check out even more FREE software, Overlooked Object Log (OOLog). Visit the OOLog page.. ..for all 110 Messier objects. It contains various.. ..TUMOL? The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a FileMaker Pro 6.0 database that contains relevant.. - ndex0

  12. Schmidt Cassegrain telescope advice - lists of objects for visual observing  (43k)  -  ..Messier Objects book is particularly helpful when youre getting started observing them. The NGC and IC.. ..does include the Messier objects but those are more commonly referred.. ..move past the Messier objects with your scope, try .. - ndex0

  13. Deep Sky collections and catalogs  (13k)  -  ..110 Deep Sky objects (75 Messiers, 34 NGCs, 1 Brocchi) suitable for a 1-night marathon session.. ..110 best NGC objects not in Messier's catalog. Also note the original list by A Crayon.. appendix of Messier's Catalog) online. Historical Deep Sky Objects : List of all 152 Deep.. - ndex0

  14. Observe the Messier List with a Small Telescope | Suite101  (42k)  -  ..bright deep sky objects and tracking them to see if the objects were newly found comets. The Messier List What Messier ended up.. ..“M31.” Many other Messier objects have been dubbed with more descriptive names, including: M27: The Dumbbell.. ..Telescope The classic Messier catalog of deep sky objects first started simply as a list of.. - ndex0

  15. Calculator for DSLR Astrophotography  (93k)  -  ..Messier Object Angular Size (arc min) Messier Object Angular Size (arc min) 1 6 x 4.. ..Messier table below to see how well the camera telescope combination will sufficiently frame the object. Messier Object Angular Size (arc min) Messier Object Angular Size (arc min) Messier Object Angular Size (arc.. ..above with the objects listed in the Messier table .. - ndex0

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